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Institute of Green Electronic Systems - Communications, Sensors and Materials


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This institute is engaged in world class research in the fundamental science and engineering applications of magnetic and electronic materials, wireless communications systems, sensor technologies, signal processing and microfluidics.

The research vision of IMDS in the next 5 years is to:

- establish new RF design methodologies involving waveform engineering to address challenges imposed by high frequency SATCOM, radar and wireless communication systems

- optimise simultaneously the digital base-band signal processing and RF functionality within wireless communication systems

- develop new, interdisciplinary uses of microwave engineering, e.g. microfluidic sensors using miniaturised resonators

- apply new concepts for signal and data processing of multi-sensor and multi-modal signals in the important fields of security, mobile/wireless systems and biomedicine

- investigate fundamental properties of new magnetic materials, from bulk to nanoscale, and their applications for sensors and non-destructive evaluation, and to investigate the effects of magnetic fields on the human body

- explore opportunities in precision micro- and nano-particle synthesis by exploiting multiphase flow regimes in microfluidic reactors

- investigate the fundamentals of emerging electronic materials such as indium nitride, thin film spintronics and hybrid materials

Institute Leader(s)

.  Prof P. J. Tasker

Academic Staff

Associate Member(s)

.  Dr J. P. Hall
.  Prof J. G. McWhirter

Research Staff

.  Dr H. Hirshy

Research Performance:

The Cardiff School of Engineering is recognised as being one of the top engineering research centres in the UK. In the RAE 2008, Cardiff School of Engineering consolidated its position as one of the top 10 research led engineering schools in the UK.

Admissions Information

.  Postgraduate (Research) Admissions Tutor:  Dr L. M. Cipcigan