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Research Group - Hydro-environmental Research Centre


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This research centre, established in 1997, undertakes research into the development, refinement and application of hydro-environmental numerical models for predicting flow, water quality, sediment and contaminant transport processes in coastal, estuarine and inland waters and water treatment and wastewater treatment works. Experimental and field investigations are also carried out in the areas of coastal pollution, river basin management (including floodplain systems) and ecohydraulics. 

For further information, please visit the Group website

Group Leader(s)

.  Prof R. A. Falconer

Academic Staff

.  Dr R. Ahmadian
.  Dr A. Babatunde
.  Dr B. N. Bockelmann-Evans
.  Dr M. T. Bray
.  Prof B. Lin
.  Dr S. Pan
.  Prof T. Stoesser
.  Dr C. A. Wilson

Research Staff

.  B. F. Bugallo
.  Dr G. Huang
.  Dr M. Kadiri
.  Dr R. McSherry
.  Dr Z. Xie
.  Dr J. Zhou

Honorary & Visiting Staff

.  Prof J. E. Poole

Admissions Information

.  Postgraduate (Research) Admissions Tutor:  Dr P. J. Cleall